About NorthLeaf

We offer classes and community for infants to pre-kindergarteners and their families.

Our Classes

Infants Class
Teacher Monica
Age by 8/31: under 1 yr

Toddlers Class
Tuesday or Friday
Teacher Monica
Age by 8/31: 1 year

Pre-3s Class
Tuesday, Thursday
Teacher Apurva
Age by 8/31: 2 years

3-5s Class
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Teacher Apurva
Age by 8/31: 3 – 5 years

Spanish Multiage Class
Maestra Leonor
Age by 8/31: 6 mos – 5 yrs

Our Classrooms

Infants and Toddlers classroom
Pre-3s and 3-5s classroom
Large outdoor classroom
Covered outdoor classroom
Extra outdoor classroom

Our Teachers

Teacher Apurva
Maestra Leonor
Teacher Monica
Teacher Beth
Parent Educator
Teacher Betty
Parent Educator
Teacher Lea
Parent Educator
Teacher Erin
Parent Educator

Who we are 

The name NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool came about in 2021 after the merger of four amazing and long-standing cooperative preschool programs – Northeast Seattle Toddlers (NEST), Latona, University-Ravenna (U-Ravenna), and On-Campus Infants. Our new name comes from our proximity to the Northgate and Maple Leaf neighborhoods in North Seattle and our location on the North Seattle College campus.