Our Classes

NorthLeaf strives to provide a quality and inspiring classroom and community experience for children and their families. We offer a range of classes from infancy to pre-kindergarten. Each of our classes is supported by an experienced teacher and parent educator, ensuring that both the children and their families get an excellent education throughout the school year.

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Infants Class
Teacher Monica
Age by 8/31: under 1 yr

Toddlers Class
Tuesday or Friday
Teacher Monica
Age by 8/31: 1 year

Pre-3s Class
Tuesday, Thursday
Teacher Apurva
Age by 8/31: 2 years

3-5s Class
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Teacher Apurva
Age by 8/31: 3 – 5 years

Spanish Multiage Class
Maestra Leonor
Age by 8/31: 6 mos – 5 yrs