Diversity and Inclusion

At NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool, we value and celebrate diversity in all of its forms. We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all children, adults, and families. We strive to be welcoming and accessible to all families and to reflect the diverse communities of Seattle.

We are committed to taking action against practices, attitudes, and behaviors that promote discrimination and exclusion of any type or variation. We are committed to ensure to the best of our ability through policies and procedures that our cooperative preschool settings provide an environment of respect, inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance of all children, adults, and families.

NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool strives to prepare our children for a diverse and multicultural world in which they will be caring, compassionate, and productive citizens.

Adapted from North Seattle Cooperative Preschool’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Diversity Statement.